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Vehicle-Transference-Sorcery and Theosophy FREE PDF DOWNLOAD

  777 Vehicle-Transference-Sorcery!                        

An eloquently comprehensive coalescence of spirit-incarnation related Occult-science ?with astral-projection theosophy, out-of-body metaphysics, shamanistic sorcery and traditional witchcraft rites.

  Authored by: +  +  A free PDF version of this Occult manuscript is available online! Get yours today!


777 V.T.S. Table of Contents:


CHAPTER 111: Eastern-esoteric metaphysics and spiritualism:

1.1:The metaphysical spiritualism of the Esoteric-Yogic Theosophy:                                               

·         Fohat energy variants, prana, kundalini, the 3 Solar and 7 Planetary Logos, and Daiviprakriti.

·         The bandhas/ granthis, lingas, nadis, and the chakras or force-centers.

·         Pranayama & misc. meditation practices; and sadhanas, asanas, mantras, mudras, padas and yantras.

1.2: The brain of the physical-vessel vs. the true, spiritually incarnated consciousness-principle:

·         The immortal consciousness-principle of the incarnate spirit-entity vs. the brain of the physical vessel.

·         The brain force-centers, the higher auric force-centers and the Golden Sutratma thread.

1.3: Taoist metaphysics and spiritualism:

·         Shen and Gui spirit-entities, (Qi, Chi, Ghi, Ki), & Jing.

·         The 3 Dantians, the lesser energy-centers, and the primary chi-meridians.

·         Spiritual Qi-Gong and holistic Chinese Medicine.


CHAPTER 222: The spiritual auras:

2.1: The auric energy-veils of the incarnate spirit-entity: 

·         An introduction to the human aura.

·         Atmic-essence; the disembodied, ex-carnate Purusha-entity and the incarnated Jiva being.

·         The 5 Koshas or spiritual-embodiments.

·         The physical EM-field, the sub-atomic mesh of the inner and outer-ethereal auric-fields.

·         The astral and lower-psychic auras.

·         The causal and Boddhic auras.

2.2: Spiritual techniques of astral and psychic aura defense, protection and purification:


CHAPTER 333: A Theosophical study of the astral plane and O.B.E. metaphysics:

3.1: The astral plane:

·         Out-of-body phenomena and astral energy.

·         The astral vehicle.

·         Astral entities.

3.2: Out-of-body experience induction:

·         Near-death induced out-of-body experiences.

·         Spontaneously occurring O.B.E's vs. willfully induced O.B.E's.

·         How to induce a fully conscious out-of-body experience: The Author?s techniques.

3.3: The astral-cord:

·         The astral-cord and out-of-body flight.

·         Various astral-cord phenomena.

·         The golden Sutratma thread versus the silver umbilical cord; and the bunk head-thread theory.

·         The supernatural substances of the astral-cord.

·         A review of many famous Occult and O.B.E. Authors? astral-cord accounts.


CHAPTER 444: The higher planes of consciousness:

4.1: The Vedic-Devachan or psychic plane and thought forms:

·         The Devachan plane.

·         Thought forms.

·         The existential differences between real spirit-entities and animated thought-forms.

4.2: The higher spiritual-planes: 

·         The Arupa-causal, Boddhic, Atmic, Anupadaka, and Adi planes.

·         31 Buddhist planes of spiritual-consciousness.

·         Taoist planes of spirit.

·         The Planetary Gates and the 7 Rays.

4.3: A concise elucidation on the divine meanings of numbers, esp. those occurring in triple digits:


CHAPTER 555: Spiritual vehicle-Transference phenomena: 

5.1: Metempsychosis; or re-incarnation:

·         Ubiquitous beliefs in reincarnation throughout the world.

·         Past-life regression and future-life progression via hypnotic entrancement.

·         Means for past-life recollection.

·         Those who naturally recall one or more past-life incarnation.

·         Walk-in types of reincarnation.

·         The spiritual light-body & the causal influences for rebirth in human form, in theosophical discourse.

·         Physical gender and ethnicity versus one?s true spiritual-essence.

·         The supernatural classes of vehicle-transference related glossalia or xenoglossy.

5.2: Other vehicle-transference types of phenomena:


·         Channeling a spirit-entity; or spiritual mediumship.

·         Spirit-entity walk-ins and spiritual-transmigration.

·         Possession by a spirit-entity of either ghostly or demonic classes.

·         Two or more spirit-entities who inhabit the same bodily vessel, whether lawfully or unlawfully.

·         Forbidden possession-sorcery arts and related esoteric practices, such as Trong-Yug phowa.

·         Lawful vehicle-exchange-sorcery rites between two mutually consenting participants?


CHAPTER 666: To spiritually extricate one's self:

6.1: The physiological and psychological dangers of fluoridated-water consumption, and etc: 

6.2: Unveiling the the furtively-oppressive thwarting of third-eye consciousness: 


CHAPTER 777: Vehicle-exchange sorcery coalesced with O.B.E. expedients:

7.1: How to induce a consensual exchange of physical-vessels; or how to switch-bodies:

·         Staging out-of-body spirit-transference entanglement between the spiritual-grounding processes of two side-by-side human vessels and two spiritually-dislocated astral bodies.

·         The astral and spirit grounding defenses of the physical body.

·         Stalling the physical-to-astral, spirit-grounding defenses of two human vessels simultaneously.

·         Simultaneously tripping the astral-cord defenses between two spiritually-entangled astral-bodies and their correspondent human vessels.

·         V.T.S. catalyst-rites, as expedited artifices, for achieving spiritual-transference states of consciousness. 


CHAPTER 888: Spiritual-magick; sorcery; and or witchcraft:

8.1: Overture to spiritual-sorcery:

·         Comparative definitions of magick, sorcery, witchcraft, and various esoteric art-forms.                             

·         Witchcraft styles in which do not utilize ceremonial circles for their rituals vs. those which do.

·         Spiritual rites of preparation for the spiritual practices of sorcery or witchcraft.

·         Raising energy and directing will: Examples of both internal and external rites of sorcery/ witchcraft.

·         Evocation rites: (1.) Spirit-entity conjuration: and (2.) external manifestation rites for evocation-sorcery.

·         Invocation rites: (1.) Spirit-entity channeling: and (2.) internal manifestation rituals of invocation-sorcery.

·         Banishing spiritual forces and exorcism.

·         Chants, petitions, prayers, candle-magick, meditative intent, thought-forms, shape sigils, and word sigils.

·         Bindings, contracts and pacts; and also the Author?s (Binding of Agreement Rite.)

8.2: Nature magick; or shamanic sorcery:

·         Holy crystals, metals and minerals, esp. natural rock-salt and iodine, for auric-purification applications.

·         Spiritual power-animals, familiars and or totems.

·         Sacred trees and Neo-Celtic rites of tree-magick.

·         Herbal witchcraft-spiritualism; and shamanic power-plants & fungi ?as holy, spiritual-sacraments.

·         Geomancy and locating energetic power spots, grid-lines and vortices.

·         The 8 seasonal or solar fire-festivals of contemporary Neo-Celtic and other Pagan witchcraft styles.

·         The 13 Lunar-Esbats; and moon-magick rites of witchcraft.

·         Rites of appeasing and calling (non-elemental nature spirits.)

·         Rituals for elemental-magick and summoning.

·         Historic information regarding the spiritual beliefs and traditional customs of the Celtic Pagans vs. the oppressively thwarting edicts of the early Roman-Christian Church.

8.3: The basics of Ceremonial-Magick:

·         The ritualistic tools of Ceremonial-magick and Wiccan-witchcraft.

·         How to construct a ceremonial circle of magick and protection.

·         Calling the Quarters of, Opening, and the Closing of a Ceremonial-circle of power and protection.

8.4: Taoist Qi-energy sorcery:

8.5: Chaos magick and Discordia:


CHAPTER 999: Veneration to the Divine-Providence!

9.9.9: Homage to the Divine:

·         An eclectic-spiritual observation of the highest manifestation of Great-Spirit, Goddess and God, as ONE; ^Great-Grandmother and Great-Grandfather of all gods; Adi and Adiparasakti; Tri-Murti and Tri-Devi.

·         Lord-Shiva and Mother-Parvati/ Sati/ Maa-Kali-Durga.

·         The Vedic Solar-Deity and Planetary-Gods.

·         The Celtic deities of Tuatha De Dannon; ^and also the Neo-Celtic & Wiccan Triple-Goddess and Green God effigies.

·         The Sumerian gods; Grandfather Anu, Lord Ea or Enki, and the Seven Retainer Gods of humanity; ^Empress Inanna, Ishtar, reigning Goddess of the Heavens and Upper-Earth;                      ^Queen Ereshkigal, the Goddess of the Underworld.

·         Discordia of the Roman Pagans: The Greek Goddess Eris, Queen of the Underworld.

·         The Gods, Demons, and the 8 Immortals of the Chinese TAO; preeminent of the Taoist Divinities.



?         GLOSSARY.

?         Contact information and resources.



Welcome to the unequivocally arcane, where the esoteric supernatural is understood as being natural!

 For the spiritually-conscious Occultist, existential proof that the physical body is merely a temporarily occupied vehicle for the incarnated, eternal spirit-entity ?is thus solely evident, as being one of numerous spiritual-vessels:   As such knowledge has been resolutely professed by vast multitudes of devout practitioners of religious-mysticism, shamanistic-sorcery and traditional witchcraft factions, worldwide and throughout the ages.

  Examples of spiritual Out-of-Body phenomena:

- Spontaneously occurring & transcendentally induced out-of-body-experiences (O.B.E?s.); astral projection.

- Disembodied near-death-experiences; or N.D.E. induced O.B.E's.

- The post death immortality of the eternal spirit-entity; and the undying spiritual-consciousness principle.


Spirit-entity incarnation and the classifications of Vehicle-Transference phenomena:

-          Metempsychosis or reincarnation.

-          Past-life regression & future-life progression.

-          Ghostly and demonic possession classes.

-          Rites of spirit-entity channeling, paranormal mediumship and spirit-entity invocation.

-          Spirit-entity walk-ins and spiritual transmigration.

-          Possession-sorcery rite, under both lawful and unlawful premises.

-          Supernatural variations of glossalia/ xenoglossy and vehicle-transference phenomena.

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